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The Everlasting
French version
   Alex Cornish - Until The Traffic Stops (2007)

Until The Traffic Stops
  1. Until The Traffic Stops
  2. Counting Chimney Pots
    3. Same Ride Same Way
    4. My Word What A Mess
    5. The Trouble I Am
    6. Scotland The Brave
    7. Lights On
    8. This One's For You
    9. Beginning Middle Or End
    10. Untied

Alex Cornish is a singer-songwriter from Edinburgh in Scotland. His first album "Until The Traffic Stops" is out now and shows with sweetness and smartness an incontestable talent.

Interview with Alex Cornish:

S: How and when did all begin with music?

A: Aged 6 learnt classical piano and violin. When I was 13 got a guitar and started to think playing in a band was the way to go!

S: What are the positive and negative sides of being a musician in Scotland?

A: There are no negatives. There is a thriving music scene in Scotland with phenomenal bands and singers coming out of the country all the time. The Government provides a great deal of support too. Sometimes if you are starting out you do have to play in London because the industry won’t come up to Scotland to watch you play, but that's not so much of a downside if you're playing all over the UK anyway.

S: How many gigs have you ever done approximately?

A: Too many to count – a lot!

S: Do you feel anxious before a show?

A: I am always a bit on edge before I play, whether it's a big show or a small one,  or whether it's a live session on the radio but once I start playing I am completely relaxed. It's weird – don't know why that is.
S: What musicians or artists had an influence in your life and in your work?

A: I am influenced by all sorts from lots of classical music (Saens Sans to Arvo Part) to older albums (Van Morrison Astral Weeks) to newer ones (Radiohead's Amnesiac).

S: Do you remember what was the first Cd you bought?

A: Guns n' Roses, Use Your Illusion II – amazing!

Guns n' Roses - Use Your Illusion II

S: How could you define the music of Alex Cornish?

A: Acoustic guitars, violins, windswept hooks and melodies, desperate lyrics.

S: Do you agree with Victor Hugo who said :"Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad"?

A: Sure, we all love wallowing in our own self-pity don’t we?  That's why sad songs are so appealing, an accompaniment to the weirdly pleasant sensation of being miserable!

S: When you write a song you follow your heart, your brain or your hand?

A: Heart first, brain second, hand writes it down – so the order is spot on!

S: What is your favourite song of Alex Cornish and why?

A: I think 'Until the Traffic Stops' is the song I am most proud of and (I think) it will be the next single. With the string intro to the last chorus with subdued horn section (a close second comes 'Lights On').

S: As a musician, what’s your feeling about internet?

A: I would be nowhere without it.  I can sell my music online, promote myself online, my music can be shared online.  It has made everything possible for the artist and empowered the artist, when before it was impossible without big record company help.

S: How many musical instruments can you play?

A: Piano, drums, cavaquino, bass, organ, harmonica, banjo, guitar, violin, viola (10!)

S: Can you describe what is a typical Alex’s day?

A: Depends on what's going on. Last week it was down to London, rehearsal with the band, lunch, Radio 2 session in the evening, got drunk afterwards, slept a bit, got up early, back to Edinburgh, lunch, sent emails, gig, beer, sleep, wake etc – and on it goes… 

S: What are your hobbies aside music?

A: Football – I love watching it and playing it too.

S: Are you venturesome person?

A: No, I just get on with things and when I've achieved something I get drunk.
S: Where would you like to play in the future, is there a place in the world you would love to visit?

A: Japan – really want to go to Japan – hopefully on tour at some point soon.

S: Are there any things, which you are afraid of? Do you have any fears?

A: No fears at all. I read an interview with Eric Clapton a while ago and he said a young man with fears is a dead man. If you're scared it'll hold you back.

S: Scotland gave us a lot of great bands like Franz Ferdinand, Del Amitri, Travis, Belle & Sebastian, Idlewild, which are your favourites?

A: I love Travis and Belle & Sebastian. Similar(ish) styles to me I guess – they are great though.

S: What is the best moment to listen to your album, the "Beginning, middle or end" of the day ?

A: Ha ha – good question!!  End of the day, when it's dark outside, put it on and listen to the album all in one go.  People tend not to listen to albums from beginning to end these days, due to the 'ipod culture' and rarely do bands make albums that fit coherently together. My album was put together with the sole intention of being a complete piece of work that only makes sense if you listen to it all the way through.

S: As my website is dedicated to Manic Street Preachers maybe can you say some words about them, if you know them?

A: I know their music very well, but I don't know them personally.  They are an fantastic band who have just continued to produce amazing music. Their last album for example – how many years since they started now? – and it's still brilliant.

S: I know it’s a difficult question, but if you would have to keep just one album from your Cd collection what album would it be?

A: Van Morrison Astral Weeks – easy question (for me).  Couldn’t do without it.

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

S: What was the last song you listened to before the interview? And, if you know, which one will be the next?

A: I have just been listening to one of my new songs I am writing and I thought it was crap so I am going to write another one instead!

S: Can you tell me the title of one French song, or the name of one French singer, or band?

A: Of course: Edith Piaf was simply amazing, Air are great to chill out to, Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhart  were groundbreaking – lots of amazing music from France – could go on for days.

S: And say something in French ?

A: This could be embarrassing…'Bonour, j'mapelle Alex et j'habite a Edinburgh.  J'adore mon Cochon D'Inde' (sorry – very basic French from me…but I did have a guinea pig and I did love it)

S: What are your plans for the nearest future?

A: I am looking forward to touring next year, releasing my next single in February and I am doing a session for XFM in the UK in January and really looking forward to all of that.

S: And finally, what’s the most important thing in life for you?

A: My beautiful girlfriend and my music (can I have two things…?)

MANY thanks to Alex for the interview!

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