Andris Erglis
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The Everlasting
French version
 Andris Erglis - Sirdspuksti (2008)

Andris Erglis - Sirdspuksti
  1. Es būšu
  2. Te, kur nenāk neviens 
  3. Broken Lullaby 
  4. Pa paralēli  
  5. Sirdspuksti
  6. Dziesmiņa par piedošanu
  7. Var jau būt
  8. Skumjā dziesmiņa
  9. Melns ir balts
  10. You Raise Me Up 
  11. Kā?
  12. Ripoja akmens (N'Works Extended Remix)

After founding the band "Berm" in 2001, which received the first prize in the festival "Liepajas Dzintars" 2 years later, the Latvian singer Andris Erglis appeared on the stage also as a solo performer and participated in the concerts of famous Swedish composer and pianist Robert Wells. Finalist of "Sony Jazz Stage" competition, he founded then the band "Cacao" in 2006 with the former guitarist of the groups "Livi" and "Fomins & Kleins" Tomass Kleins. In this band, Andris combines both playing the drums and singing at the same time. The debut album of the band, "Ripoja Akmens", was released in September 2007, produced by "Microphone Records".
Andris was included into the Latvian pop-music tenor "selection" and, convincingly coming out on top of the National Eurovision Selections, with dignity represented Latvia at the international Eurovision Song Contest 2007 finals in Helsinki with a song in Italian “Questa Notte”. Maestro Raimonds Pauls also spots the young rising star and puts him forward for the international song contest for young singers “New Wave” in 2007, taking place in Jurmala every year, where he took the second place. In 2008 Andris released his first solo album "Sirdspuksti" including 2 songs in English : a cover of "You Raise Me Up" and the song "Broken Lullaby". 

Interview with Andris Erglis :

V: How did it happen that music came into your life? You wanted to be musician from the childhood? 

A: Yes, my parents are also musicians. So I studied music in 5 different schools: In Riga, and in my home town Liepaja.

V: What do you prefer more: to play in band or to be a single singer? 

A: You know, I play in symphonic orchestra of Liepaja city. I’m a professional percussion instrument specialist. But I also make solo career as a singer, I have my solo album.
If to answer your question, it’s really difficult to say what I like more- to play in band or to be a single artist. I like both, so I can’t choose what I prefer more.

V: What style of music do you mostly listen to?

A: I would say pop-rock is my favorite. I really enjoy Sting for example, I find him very talented. But I can listen to classical music as well.


VDo you have any hobbies? How do you spend your free time?

A: I really like sport, mostly basketball and bowling. By the way, I was the basketball champion of Liepaja city!!! Besides sport, I like to walk. Concerning free time, you know for an artist there are no such days as Saturday and Sunday, we usually work during week-ends. So I don’t have much spare time, when I have some time free from music, I try to spend this time with family.
V: Do you often play concerts in Latvia?

A:  I played many concerts during 2007. It was just amazing and very exciting year for me, I became more famous in my country after song contest “New Wave”, where I took second place. I’m grateful to the best composer in Latvia Raymond Pauls, who suggested me to participate in “New Wave”. That year the greatest hit in Latvia was my song, called “Ripoja Akmens”.
I also participated in Eurovision 2007 with band

So as I said, 2007 was wonderful year in my life. In 2008 I played some solo concerts and released my first solo album, which I mentioned before. As for now, I record new album, which probably will be released during autumn 2009. I don’t play many concerts, mostly because of economical situation. Due to financial crisis people don’t have much free money for buying concert tickets and things like that. So as an artist, I understand that it’s better to wait with concerts until this situation will be stabilized. In 2010 I hope to make great concert tour.

V: Do you write lyrics and music to your songs?

A: Most of the time I don’t. Janis Strazds usually writes. I mean I can write as well, but I would not say I enjoy it.

VWhich 3 features of character you like in yourself and which 3 features you don’t like?

A: Oh, hard to answer about myself. With good features, it’s a bit easier. I would say I’m kind, I’m in love and I’m communicative :) But I think I can’t mention any my bad feature. I mean of course, I’m not ideal and perfect, but let leave this question without mentioning my negative features.

V: You have small daughter, right? Do you want her to be musician in the future?

A: I have daughter and son, daughter’s name is Estere and she is 4 years old. Son’s name is Valters and he is 4 months. Answering your question, maybe I will be glad if she takes some musical classes. But I don’t know about musical career. It’s actually up to herself. If she really will understand that she wants be a professional musician, then she will study music. But if she chooses other profession, I will not be against her choice. As I said it will be choice of my children to be musicians or not to be.

V: What is the most important thing for you in life?

A: It’s my children. I’m big friend of children, not only mine but others as well. So I do my best to grow up my children in a proper way and I try to spend as much time with them as possible.

V: Let’s now talk about your favorite things! Your favorite color?

A: Pink

V: Time of the year?

A: Winter. I like summer too, but winter is my favorite, because I have birthday in January.

V: Clothes?

A: Jacket. I like half-classical style.

V: Food?

A: For sure, meat. I must eat it every day :) But does not matter which type of meat. I can eat chicken, pork and so on.

V: Drink?

A: Beer, water and milk.

V: Book?

A: Some book for children, which I read to my daughter. If to mention adult book, I would say Dostoevskij “Idiot”.

V: Favorite country?

A: Sweden, Greece, but most of all I like Switzerland. I even want to live there.

V: What can you say to people (your fans), who will read this interview?

A: Live and love other people, don’t be aggressive!

V:Thank you for this interview!

A: Thank you as well!

MANY thanks to Andris Erglis for the interview!

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