Camela Leierth
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The Everlasting

   Camela Leierth - Time Heals Nothing (2010)

Camela Leierth - Time Heals Nothing
 01. So Sad
02. Cold
03. You Are Needed Here
04. You Won´t Be Missed Here No More
05. Don´t Worry
06. Been Hurt By The One I Love
07. Too High
08. Run
09. Sugar Devil
10. Ground Of Snow Now
11. Memories Of You
12. This Woman´s Work

Camela is a brilliant Swedish singer and songwriter. She just released her debut album "Time Heals Nothing" on Universal Music...

Interview with Camela :

Camela Leierth

S: How and when did all begin with music? 

C: I lived with Zuleika Bronson in Vienna when I was about 19 years old and her boyfriend had a 4track and wanted some vocals on his I sang on his demo and he taught me some chords and I was "bitten by the music bug".

S: What are the positive and negative sides of being a musician in Sweden?

C: Positive things about doing music in Sweden for me is I know a lot of amazingly talanted musicians!
Negative: Swedes are not open minded about new music that comes from Sweden but adores music from America...a pitty I think...
S: Do you feel anxious before a show or you "Don't Worry"?

C: I'm always nervous before a show...

S: What musicians or artists had an influence in your life and in your work?

C: Mazzy Star has been a huge influence on me for my music...I still think they are the best band out there today...Kate Bush of course has been my idol for quite some time...Sara Gerrard, Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil too...

SDo you remember what was the first CD you bought?

C: First record I bought was a Michael Jackson..."Beat It"...

    Michael Jackson - Beat It     

S: Do you think the emotion is different between a song in English and in another language?

C: Yes...strange as it seems I can't sing in sounds strange to me...

S: How could you define the music of Camela?

C: I always try to avoid this question because I want the listener to create their own definition of the music...

: Do you agree with Victor Hugo who said :"Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad"?

C: Yes I agree...only because as a song writer one can use that melancholy and write more profoundly...but just walking around carrying these feelings of melancholy is a waste...use it for your art and you'll be fine...

S: When you write a song do you follow your heart, your brain or your hand ?

C: "My heart hangs outside my sleeve" unfortunately and I ALWAYS write with my heart...hopefully my brain has a part of it...and I need my hands to write the words

S: What is your favourite song of Camela and why?

C: "Ground Of Snow Now" because of the lyrics and the vocal arrangments and "Run" simply because of the lyrics...

S: As musician, what is your feeling about Internet?

C: It's great...more people can easily get to an artists music...the downloading can't deny the development of the future...only adjust and think of other ways...

S: For your album you recorded a very nice version of "This Woman's Work" from Kate Bush, why did you choose to cover this song particularly?

C: It's simply my favorite song of Kate Bush and I love it!

S: You worked with Kent on their album "Tillbaka Till Samtiden" and toured with them this year, how were these experiences?

C: Just fantastic, they are so professional in every way and I loved working with their crew...the best sound I was ever given on stage! Jocke Berg is an incredible song writer so I was nervous singing with him...but he's so nice and gave me some confidence through this whole thing.

: What are your hobbies aside music?

C: I don't have any hobbies.

S: Where would you like to play in the future, is there a place in the world you would love to visit?

C: I'd love to go to Japan and China and eat their food...and play of

S: What is the best moment and best place to listen to your music?

C: In the car...going on a roadtrip somewhere far, when you're out of words with the person next to you...put Time Heals Nothing on...

S: I know it’s a difficult question, but if you would have to keep just one album from your CD collection what album would it be?

C: "The Kick Inside"...Kate Bush.

Kate Bush - The Kick Inside
S: What was the last song you listened to before the interview? And, if you know, which one will be the next?

C: Sorry to disappoint you with this awnser but I don't listen to music...

S: Can you tell us the name of one French song, or singer, or band?

C: Gainsborg, the man!


S: And say something in French?

C: C'est pas touche...

S: What are your plans for the nearest future?

C: I am doing promotion this summer...thats all and going back and forth to London to work in a studio there as a song writer...I might only use my brain and my hands this

SAnd finally, what’s the most important thing in life for you?

C: Spiritual health, love and keeping your soul happy so you can be of use to other people around you...and contribute to the flood of life...admitting when you're wrong without playing the victim!

MANY thanks to Camela for the interview!

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