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The Everlasting
French Version
   Delaware - Lost In The Beauty Of Innocence (2006)

Delaware - Lost in The Beauty Of Innocence
1. The Fourteenth
2. Cs
3. A Butterfly Kiss
4. Let them go
5. Loss
6. Evolve
7. To the Unsung
8. For what reason
9. Wish for
10. Unfold
11. You
12. With Fear And Anticipation

Started out in 1994, Delaware is an Alternative Pop/Rock band from Drammen in Norway.
Composed of Richard Holmsen (Vocals/Guitars), Jon Fredrik "Joffe" Torgersen (Guitars/Vocals), Morten Ødegaard Skaret (Bass) and Petter Laugerud (Drums), the band has a distinctive, original and innovating sound.
After the release of their first album "And Everything Reminds Me" in 2003, their second album "Lost in the Beauty of Innocence" released in 2006 confirms all the good impressions that their debut album left.

Interview with Morten Ødegaard Skaret and Jon Fredrik Torgersen, bass player and guitarist/singer of Delaware:

SWhen and how was "Delaware" born ?

J: The band was formed back in 1999, but we got signed by Sony in 2003.

SWhere is the name of the band coming from?

J: Petter’s (the drummer) uncle runs a pig farm over in Delaware, so we just thought it would be funny to name the band after Petter’s uncle’s choice of which state to work and live in.
M: And again it's up to me to patch over Joffes lies… We stole the name from an album by the Drop Nineteens. Nothing more, nothing less. But it was a hell of a fight…

S: How and when did all begin with music?

J: We began making music in our early teens. Not together, but in separate projects. We came together as a band back in 1995.

S: What are the positive and negative sides of being a musician in Norway?

J & M: The positive sides of being a musician in Norway, is that everybody who really wants to be creative and make music, gets a chance to. It is several funds that support young musicians, and if you are really lucky, you can end up recording a record for free. But of course the material has to be good then.
The negative sides are really hard to pin point. I mean there are several things that make the music business hard for musicians everywhere I guess. Lousy salaries, crappy back stages, scary managers and so on. The scene in Norway is also pretty small compared to most countries. That makes it more difficult to find the right people. It`s also fever concerts to attend to and places to perform you own music. We only have maybe four or five cities that are big enough for smaller bands to play gigs in, and that’s a problem. It makes it difficult to put together a Norwegian tour, unless you're U2… 

SDo you feel anxious before a show?

J & M: We always do. It is part of being a musician I believe… We just to get almost sick, but that has changed. But the tickling sensation we get now is a good thing. It helps you keep focused.
SWhat musicians or artists had an influence in your life and in your work?

J & M: Oh, that’s a though question. So many different artists have inspired us over the years. Indie bands, rock bands, hardcore and so on. Some of our favourite bands are Puressence and Muse. We have some similar favourite bands, but mostly we listen to different music.

SDo you remember what was the first CD you bought?

J: No, not really. But the first CD that gave me inspiration to make and play music was “Appetite for destruction” G’N’R!!
M: My first cd, or actually it was an mc, was "No Prayer For The Dying" by Iron Maiden.

Guns n Roses - Appetite for Destruction   Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying

SDo you think the emotion is different between a song in English and in Norwegian?

J & M: It depends on the listener. People recognize music in very different ways. Some songs appeal to metal heads and some to rednecks. That is the beauty of music. When you write in norwegian, the meaning usually comes out very clear to the Norwegian listener. When you write in English it`s easier to be more subtle and leave the listener with different interpretations.

S: How could you define the music of Delaware?

J: Delaware may vary from happy, uplifting, energetic and intense, to melancholic, dark and thoughtful. In other words, - Happy and sad - , at the same time. One word that describes all of delaware's songs: melodic . 

SDo you agree with Victor Hugo who said :"Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad" ?

J: Victor who(go)??? I don’t even know who that man is. Was he Jamaican?
M: But it`s a good sentence. I think I would agree. It is turning sadness into something beautiful.

SWhen you write a song you follow your heart, your brain or your hand?

J: The best melodies appear when you follow your heart, but you have to use your brain to put them into proper arrangements. And you need your hands to perform them.

SWhat is your favourite song of Delaware and why?

J: Perhaps “As Teens”. The melody is simply great, and the arrangement is absolutely awesome.
M: I have to go with “About You”. It`s a great song to play live, I love the lyrics, and it brings back some good memories.

S: As musicians, what are your feelings about internet?

J: I like to watch naked ladies on the internet. But I’m not too fond of the fact that people can use it to get free music.
M: Same as Joffe only I like naked men. And horses. 

S: Can you describe what is a typical Delaware's day ?

J: Sleep, eat, drink, masturbate, lousy TV shows, music and newspapers…
M: Sleep, eat, drink, make out with girlfriend, lousy TV shows, music and magazines…

SWhat are your hobbies aside music?

J: Working out, VW beetle car building, vale tudo, xbox, FOOTBALL and so on.
SAre you venturesome persons?

M: No, I don’t think so. I`m into rock-climbing and diving but not because of the dangers involved. I`d rather that it was 100% safe. We`re more into drinking cold beers and bbq`ing around the world than getting into danger ;)

SWhere would you like to play in the future, is there a place in the world you would love to visit ?

M: I don’t think there`s a place we would not want to play! Correction, we would not do a gig in Mogadishu or Sierra Leone. That’s to venturesome…
We have been talking about doing a tour in the States, and that’s probably something we still want to do.  We`ve also been talking about China lately after a proposition was made… But nothing is certain yet. 

SAre there any things, which you are afraid of? Do you have any fears? 

M: Probably the same fears as everyone else. My biggest fear is something happening to my loved ones. I think the biggest fear of the rest of the guys is getting naked together with me.

SWhat is the best moment and the best place to listen to your music?

M: On a beach in Spain or somewhere warm with a bottle of something cold.

SAs my website is dedicated to Manic Street Preachers maybe can you say some words about them?

M: They`re a great band. I think the Norwegian public was made aware of them after the release of "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours". The song “If You Tolerate This...” was a major hit on Norwegian tv and radio.

SI know its a difficult question, but if you would have to keep just one album from your CD collection what album would it be?

M: For me I think it would have to be Jeff Buckley`s Grace. Or maybe Dire Straits with Brothers in arms. Or if I was supposed to party a lot to that one record, then maybe Clutch with Elephant Riders.

Jeff Buckley - Grace  Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms  Clutch - The Elephant Riders

SWhat was the last song you listened to before the interview? And, if you know, which one will be the next?

M: It was We Are Scientists with the song "After Hours". The next song is going to be Morrisey with "All You Need Is Me". I got my ipod on random, so this was an easy question.

SCan you tell me the name of one French song, or singer, or band?

M: MC Solar, and Daft Punk of course. And Air.

SAnd say something in French ?

M: Ohh la la bébé, cèst dur dur être bébé..

SWhat are your plans for the nearest future?

M: We are working on a lot of new stuff, but we`re not going to rush anything. So there will be more music coming from us, but we don’t know when yet, and what format.

S: What can we "wish for" "you" ?

M: You can wish for us a productive music-year and the right lottery ticket. And from us you should wish for the best album we`ve ever made.

SAnd finally, whats the most important thing in life for you?

M: Freedom, friends, family, food and fitte.

MANY thanks to Delaware for the interview!

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