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The Everlasting
Russian version  French version

 Brainstorm - Four Shores (2006)

Four Shores

  1. Thunder without Rain – 4:41
  2. Tin Drums – 3:41
  3. Lonely Feeling (To Be Lonely) – 3:52
  4. One Thing – 3:49
  5. Sunday Morning – 3:41
  6. French Cartoon – 3:38
  7. Digitally Bright – 3:50
  8. When Nightlife Covers the Daylight – 4:31
  9. Sunrise (Deep in Hell) – 3:26
  10. Leavin' to L.A. – 4:58
  11. Ветер – 3:49
  12. Ты не один – 4:11

Brainstorm (or Prāta Vētra in Latvian) is probably the most popular band from Latvia. They took part in Eurovision 2000 and won the 3rd place with the song "My star". And after taking part in this song contest, Brainstorm became popular in many countries.
This band has been around 18 years and has recently released their 7thalbum “Four shores”. They won in November the "Best Baltic Act" at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Copenhagen.


Members of Brainstorm are:

Renars Kaupers (R),
Janis Jubalts (J),
Maris Mihelsons (M) and
Kaspars Roga (K) 


To read the latest interview with Brainstorm's bass guitar player Ingars Vilums, click here

Interview with Brainstorm :

V: Hello everybody and nice to meet you . As we are now in Saint-Petersburg and I’m guessing this isn’t your first time here. Tell me, what do you think about this city, maybe you have some favorite places here?

J: Last time I visited the Hermitage and I really liked that place. But that was my last impression. In general I think that it’s a very beautiful city and you must just come here and see everything.
And positive energetics from this city you should take with you.(laughs)

M: But what will be here, if you take all positive energetics with you?

J: People. They are good! (smiles)

M: The more I come to this city , the more I like it.

J: And we’re glad, that during Second World War everything wasn’t destroyed, because we wouldn’t be able to see such beauty now. 

R: I agree with Maris and Janis.

V: Ok and the next question… Oh, sorry everybody answered except Kaspars!!!

K: What? Well, I don’t talk much. I don’t go out of the hotel often, just sit here.(laughs) 

V: But I guess, it’s time for next question! As I understand, most of the time Renars writes lyrics for your songs…

Everybody: Yeah!

V: So it must be difficult to write lyrics in 3 languages at the same time(Latvian, English, Russian)?

R: But I never write in 3 languages at the same time. From recent time the first version of the song is in English. Then I write in Latvian. And now in Russian as well. But people help me to write in Russian very much!

V: Btw, you know Russian so well from school?

M: There are lots of Russian people in Latvia and we have good practice. But actually we learnt Russian at school as well. And I even remember first word which I learnt. It was “puppy”.

J: Oh I don’t remember my first word in Russian…

V: I see. When you write a song, you think about how popular it will be? Or you don’t make prognosis?

R: Janis feels exactly if a song is going to be a hit or not!  

J: But I mean I feel, if it’s going to be a hit in Latvia or in Russia. I guessed it with the song “Veter”(Wind in English).

V: You visit many countries with concerts. Do you think that your fans are similar in different countries and cities or you feel the difference?

R: In Russia public is more emotional. In Germany or Scandinavia for example less.

V: Do you specially like any song from your last album "Four Shores" ? 

R: Kaspars has just done the video of song “Tin Drums”. And I like this song!

V: Ok. How do you spend your free time? Do you have some business except music?

R:  Janis receives all the time different driving licenses. (Smiles) he even does not have more place in his purse to put all his driving licenses.

V: Does anyone else drive a car?

R: Maris drives.

M: Yes, I drive. And you can’t even imagine, how I drive! (Smiles) and by the way I also have  driving license for boat like Janis has. I can even show you.
(He showed his licenses)

V: Wow, great!!!

R: Look, he is handsome :)

V: (smiles) Are you venturesome persons?

J: Well, I think, if a person is venturesome, he is venturesome in everything ( in sport , in casino and so on). But if you are shy, then you sit home and don’t go out much. I would say, yes, we are venturesome.

K: I can say that Janis is not shy for sure.

J: Well, I would like to be such person at least for 10 years and then we will see.

V: Where do you like to relax, to spend your vacations?

J: We fly to Yurmala (town on the sea shore in Latvia). I mean we don’t go to Africa and other exotic countries like some famous people do.

M: But it’s concerning in summer. In winter we go skiing in Italy and have fun there.

J: The air is clean there . You can drink much and you will not have hangover after it.

M: No, sometimes you have… (laughs)

V: Are there any things, which you are afraid of? Do you have any fears?

J: I’m afraid to get an electricity strike from guitar on my lips. I can’t wear a helmet, because it seems to me that I’m suffocating!  

R: Wow. Every time you find out something new about your friends (smiles)

M: I can say that I’m not afraid of flying on the plane. It’s even funny sometimes. Our friend, who is absent right now (they are talking about Kaspars) he is afraid of planes. And sometimes we even can’t fly to some place because of his fear. (Everybody is laughing).

R: We had one unpleasant flight to Greece. It was that time, when there was a snow in Greece!! Our faces were pale…

V: What happened with the plane?

R: Hopefully nothing. It was a storm . and we were flying through storm.

V: Oh, I see. How many gigs approximately do you give during the year ?

R: Approximately 38.

V: Do you have sometimes such feeling as you don’t want to sing at all, you feel bad? And how do you cope with it?

R: It never happens now. But it happened before, the feeling that you don’t want to sing. It was 13-16 years ago.

V: But maybe it was because of Brainstorm was not popular and not so many people visited your gigs?

R: Yes, because of that. We were not famous. We played in some club, first of all it was disco there. And then it was announced that a band would play after disco. And everybody was not very happy to hear that and it became less people, because many people went away after disco.

V: And if you feel bad?

R: Then we go and play anyway. Because when you give concert, you begin to feel better.

J: You can even forget about your pain.

M: But do you remember one time we postponed a gig? Because Renars was at hospital.

R: But it was serious. I could not even stand up from my bed.

V: And I have a special question to Maris.

M: yeah???

V: How many musical instruments can you play?

M: mmm… I did not count. During our gigs I played bas guitar, drums even, piano, accordion . Besides it I sing!

V: And by the way, you graduated from musical school , right?

M: Yes. But I did not like it!

R: Who is knocking the door now?

(Renars decided to open the door).

R: Oh, Kaspars, hello!!!

V: welcome back!

K: Thanks!

K: They rang me from Riga and said I have some problems with business. But I will be in Riga tomorrow and will find out what happened.

V: So, you depart tomorrow to Riga.

K: No, they don’t. They fly to Copenhagen. It’s only me, who goes to Riga.

V: We were discussing here if anybody of you has any fears?

K: Fears? Well I’m not afraid of people. I’m afraid of animals more.

V: And somebody said just few minutes ago, that you are afraid of planes..

K: Yeah? Really? I’m afraid  of planes? (Kaspars is looking at his friends) Of course, I’m afraid of planes!!! (laughs)

V: And I also asked , while you were absent, about hobbies? Do you have any?

K: What did they say about me ?

V: nothing, that’s why I ask you.

K: Hobby, hobby.. Well, you see, it’s business.

V: Let’s return to your musical business. After which song you became popular in Latvia, in other countries and in Russia ?

R: We became popular in Latvia after 1994 year with the song  “planes”. Children liked this song, adults as well. In Europe we became popular after Eurovision 200 and song “My star”. And in other countries after the song “maybe”. And in Russia I guess after our duet with Russian band Bi-2!
Once we had problems with technical service of Bi-2, when they took away our instruments from scene. But that time we did not even talk to members of the band. But when we met in 2 years, we decided to sing a song with this band. And I guess after it we became popular in Russia.

V: And now, when almost all of you are 32, can you say that you achieved all purposes which you wanted in love.

All: We believe in fate!

M: Well, I build house,  grow tree… Though don’t have a son yet!

V: And Maris, did not plan to ask this question. But I’m afraid, girls will not forgive me, if I don’t ask. Have you found real love?

M: I’m searching!

V: So you are not going to marry...

M: no….

V: Oh, time is running! And I would like to ask you the last question. Now there will be a tour in Russia. And after then? What are your plans for the nearest future?

R: We are working now in our new studio with our first song for sound track in one Russian film. This film will be divided in two parts. And for one part we are writing sound track.
And after that we will begin to work with our new album.

J: I think, that people will be only happy if we release a new album next year. Latvian public asks already all the time: “When a new album will be released?”

V: Ok, wish you success with it. And thanks for the interview.

All: thank you as well!

In December Brainstorm gave a great concert in Saint-Petersburg.
The concert lasted about 1 hour and 40 minutes. But everybody wished, it could last some more time, because it’s a pleasure to listen to their music, professionally played.
Band played not only their new songs from album “ Four Shores”,  but old hits as well: “Maybe”, “Colder”, “Online”, “Passion” and others. Brainstorm sang 2 songs of Victor Tsoy(who was the famous rock musician).
As we found out, not only Renars Kaupers (Band’s lead singer) can sing perfect. But also Janis Jubalts (guitar player) sang song “ Spoguliits” in Latvian language (English version of the song “ hide on moon”) . Fans liked his singing very much. Maris Mihelsons (keyboard instruments) is a perfect back singer.
During concert Renars Kaupers talked and joked with audience almost after every song . Many fans brought roses for him.

Before the concert we had an opportunity to talk with bass guitar player, who is actually not a member of the band. His name is Ingars Vilums:

- How come that you began playing with Brainstorm?

- Actually it’s a sad story. Their bas player, who played with them originally tragically died in May 2004. And after his death they had a break, after that the band had another bas player, but already 2 years I play with them.

- But did you know Brainstorm personally before?

- Yes, I knew them, though not so well. I played in other bands, which are pretty famous in Latvia.

- Are you professional musician?

- Well, I graduated from musical school. (But I did not like it, my parents made me study there. But now I’m happy that I finished it) . If to talk about high education, I graduated from Riga Technical University. I’m an economist.

- What are you hobby except music?

- Well, I like music very much, but it’s more like profession now. I don’t have much time for other hobbies.

- How do you spend your free time?

- I like to spend it with family.

- Don’t you feel any offence because of you are not the member of the band?

- Many bands from all over the world use session musicians, such as Rolling Stones for example. So it’s ok I guess.

-You have a daughter, right?

- Not only a daughter. I have son as well. He is 2,5 years old and she is 7 years old.

- Do you want your children to become musicians like you?

- My daughter is more interested in stuff like math I must say. But son is too young to say about it. Though I suspected that he is already interested in music.

-Thank you Ingars for the answering questions!

-Thank you as well!!!

MANY thanks to Brainstorm for the interview.

More informations about Brainstorm on their official website:




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